I'm Andrii

I'm Andrii

          I’m a UI/UX designer living in Amsterdam, focused on creating meaningful digital experiences.

Just a human who loves design ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          For the last 4 years, I've been working as a freelance UI/UX designer creating digital products for companies from different industries.

          My favorite design tool is Figma, though I'm fine working with Sketch, Adobe CC, or pencil and stickers.

I know a thing or two on how to make

Products (01)

          I create digital products from the very scratch and help to develop new features for existing ones.

UI/UX (02)

          Design digital solutions for companies on Webflow or Tilda and overhauling the visual design for products.

Branding (03)

          Create brand identities that communicate and connect product with people.

Posters (04)

          Posters are my hobby. I love them for simplicity and laconism. They are approachable and convey ideas easily. Peter Bankov at Poster School taught me to be brave and decisive in the creative process.

Here are some of my posters

          I’m a Ukrainian designer based in Amsterdam and currently  looking for a job. If you think we could make a good fit, let`s get in touch.





UI/UX designer


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