Ukrainian Fulbright Circle

Study Case

Charitable Organization

UI/UX, Website development, SEO
Feb 2022
The Ukrainian Fulbright Circle is an organization that unites graduates of the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program in Ukraine, as well as other international programs. Today, the Ukrainian Fulbright Circle has more than 350 active members, including scientists, teachers, cultural and artistic figures, university administrators, and public activists. In Small Grants competition, the organization annually selects up to 20 projects (research, creative, publishing, support for participation in international scientific conferences) of graduates of the Program.
To create a website for charitable organization, 12 categories library of projects "Fulbright house", News and Grants pages.

Main idea

The project had several goals:

  • To present information about the organization
  • To organize a membership procedure
  • To crate library (Fulbright House) for organization members projects.

User flow

The process of becoming a member had 4 or 5 steps, including visit to the office and writing the statement by hand. I transformed that into 2 steps (online both): filling a form and online payment.

Visit the website to check how it works.

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