Ukrainians in Toronto

Ukrainians in Toronto online community
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Online community for Ukrainians in Toronto

UI/UX, Product Design
Ukrainians in Toronto online community
Feb 2022
When the Covid broke into our usual life, community of Ukrainians in Toronto craved for a new online platform, where they could share their articles, events, sell and deliver their new products online and transfer all their activities online.
To create a digital platform (desktop & mobile) consisting of 3 parts: website about the community and numerous helpful articles, product pages, members area to use products.

Part 01

Website, that had to replace all offline activities online for , contain useful materials, information about events.

Part 02

Product part consisting of Offers landing page and product pages: events, master classes, trainings, QA sessions and discussions.

Part 03

Membership area for customers, where thy can use the product: complete a course or a training, listen to a lecture and ask questions, receive additional materials.

Check out the Whole website or the Offers page.

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