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Leonid Kozak
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Branding for a reliable attorney

Brand Design, Naming, Social media templates
Leonid Kozak
Feb 2022
Leonid Kozak is a young but experienced lawyer, who provides free legal services for Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in Russia. He is characterized as a reliable and trusty professional who can help in difficult situations.
To create brand name, identity and visuals for social media and advertising campaign.

Research & Analysis

After market research and competitor analysis, I decided to make a short and meaningful brand name. And Leonid`s surname — Kozak was just what we needed.

The logo was to express confidence and strength of protection.

Sketches of some variants.

The final variant.

The final variant and color palette for future website.

It`s strict,simple and has to express reliablility and strength of defence.

White variants can also be used on b&w photos with a dark background.

Social media visuals

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