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Olya Shurova
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Musique de langue

Brand Design, UI/UX, Online course & membership area
Olya Shurova
Feb 2022
Olya Shurova is a musician/back singer from Pianoboy. As she has a teaching background and studied in France, she started her online course of French with the perspective to develop into a School in the nearest 2 years.
To create a landing page for a course, online course itself and a members area for the clients. Online course has to be convenient to use on both desktop and mobile screens.


Course "Musique de langue" is created by a musician and teacher and customers should experience it like a light french song. Olya was the author of the course and presently the only teacher. For the course she used videos of own production and created diverse tasks.

Short info about the course


After a research we found out:

  • Female (73%), male (27%)
  • 27-35 y.o.
  • They need French to work in France, they moved to France or travel there 4-6 times a year.
  • They are mostly from IT and Media, like art and paintings, music, follow fashion trends.

Their problems are:

  • To know about the course and author
  • Pay and study online
  • Get feedback from the teacher
  • Develop language level in 2-4 months.

So decisions were to present Olya as the author and her course, arrange online members area with easy log in, arrange course in a convenient and simple curriculum, send feedback twice a week and offer Packages with personal control, plan course for 3 months.

Price scheme contains two offers: Basic and with Teacher mentorship.

The login button is just at the top of first screen - to be easily found by clients, who already bought the course.

Key information is highlighted with slight red ovals.

CTA buttons are at hero screen, at Price section under each price plan and there`s also a subscription form in footer.

Each group has it`s own page with course curriculum, each lessons contain video, practical tasks and downloadable pdf.

Check out this case on Behance or visit the website.

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It was extremely comfortable to work with Andrii. He quickly and accurately understood exactly what I needed, and made a stylish and functional website with a personal account, which is used by many people today, and no one has any problems. Andrii is always in touch if anything needs to be changed or improved. And he has a great taste, which is a rarity) Andrii, thank you for the site!

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