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Greenwich School
Feb 2022
Greenwich is a language school of English & German in Kyiv, that aims at delivering blended courses to individual clients and companies.
To design and develop a new website for online school of English and German, online courses and members are.


Greenwich School provides language courses for adults (50%), children (20%) and companies (30%) since 2005. It is well-known in Kyiv.

School offers offline and online courses, but in 2019 due moved totally online.

Among the courses offered by the school one can choose:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • General German
  • Preparation for TOEFL & IELTS
  • Courses for schoolchildren
  • Corporate courses

Research & analysis

Greenwich is one of the top schools, that offer Blended learning courses. Minority of them has members area with all the lessons included in the course. Moreover not all competitors have so diverive course curriculum including Speaking lessons and online tasks, videos on Lexis and Grammar, different practical assignments.

The School also makes great accent on Speaking activities.



28 y.o.

Software developer, medior level


The computer nerd

Friendly, clever, calm, honest.

Language profile: A2 level, studied at school, didn`t use it after University, uses it at everyday job, but reading only.

Motivation for mastering a language: Career opportunities (50%), traveling (40%), read books and blogs in original (10%).


  • to enhance speaking skills
  • to structure grammar (it`s very differrent from Ukrainian)
  • to be ready to negotiate and discuss job staff with foreign stakeholders and managers

Course key moments:

  • not more than 3 lessons a week
  • lessons after 18:00 or adjustable schedule, 1 lesson is on weekrnd
  • minimus home assignment

Oxana (corporate client)

26 y.o.

Logistics manager, international company

Married, 1 child

Likes watching serials on Netflix, follows fashion trends

Sweet, busy, energetic, helpful.

Language profile: B1 level, was good at University, uses English at negotiations, but not confident.

Motivation for mastering a language: Career opportunities (80%), travelling (20%).


  • to make vocabulary more diverse
  • to be ready to speak on any subject with foreigners
  • to be able to comprehence jokes properly
  • to clearly understand all accents of English

Course key moments:

  • not more than 2 lessons a week
  • lessons at a work hours, at office
  • is ready to cover a part of material at home and practice language at the lessons

Website UI

The color palette is bright but simple. As the target clients age is 25-32, I used photos of happy and successful young people, that expresses, that studying has not to be boring and uninteresting. Images are combined with some bright modern architecture and doodled patterns expressing communication between them.

Primary CTA buttons are yellow, secondary buttons are b&w.

Check out all the details on Greenwich School website.

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